16' Steel & Concrete Construction Loading Chute

* Sides are 16 gauge sheet steel and 62" tall
* Spring loaded bumper of 1/2" plate steel to match truck bed
* Steps are formed of steel and filled with concrete when base is poured
* Choice of left or right loading ramp or catwalk

14' Loading Chute
All Steel Construction

* The TWI all steel 14' Loading Chute is constructed of 2" Heavy Duty square tubing
* All steel floor of 1/8" floor plate
* Optional Rumber® flooring
* Steel cleats are spaced every 11" to prevent slipping
* Catwalk on side of chute aids in loading cattle
* Spring loaded bumper on front to match truck, constructed of 1/2" steel plate

12' Portable Loading Chute

* Constructed of 2" square tubing heavy duty frame
* Sides are 1 1/2" square tubing covered with 48" 16 gauge sheet metal
* Wooden floor is adjustable to 4 height settings and has metal cleats for sure footing
* TWI portable chute is equipped to carry 10 portable panels on each side. You may transport chute and corral all in one unit.
* Options: End gates, Rumber® flooring, catwalks

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