It’s what is behind the paint that makes the difference!
(Using all 14 Ga. 1-1/2” round tube for extra strength & 18 Ga. Galvaneal sheeting for longer life.)

Cattleman across the country recognize the most costly practice associated with raising beef cattle is feeding harvested forages.  Extra feed savings can be obtained with the
Bextra West Bale Feeder in addition to it’s 5 Year Warranty!

Bextra West Saves $$$
* Bottom and Balanced feeding equals Extra hay dollar savings
  and profit to the producer.
• Bottom + Balanced = Extra $
• Cattle eat from the bottom of the feeder in their natural grazing position.
• Indented uprights balance the bale in the middle for minimal waste.
* Maximize your feed dollars by minimizing your feed loss and equipment cost.
* Convenience for all feeding applications
• Feeds square, round or loose hay
* Concept engineered, designed, and manufactured for long product life.
• No need for cattle to push on feeder
• Cylindrical angles create durability
* Great for adult and young cattle
• Calves do not climb in the feeder
* Performs like a cone feeder, with less cost and product maintenance.
* 70% more Hay Savings than Std. 8 ft. Rings
* Rust Resistaent

2 Sizes Available:
Round Bextra WestSquare Bextra West
- 6' 2" Inside Diameter            - 4' 2" X 8' 2" Inside Dimensions
- Holds up to a 6' x 6' Bale      - Holds 1 4' x 4' x 8' Sq. Bales
- Assembled Wght. 336 well multiple 4' x 4' Round Bales
      - Assembled Wght. 489 lbs.

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Let's Do The Math!
In one winter of feeding 40 Bales/Feeder  of 5x5 Mixed Grass Hay

Avg. Wght./Bale1000 lbs.
Price/Bale         $40.00
Waste/Bale with Std. 8ft. Ring     30% or 300 lbs.
Waste/Bale with Bextra West Feeder   <6% or 60 lbs.
Hay Savings/Bale with Bextra West Feeder   240 lbs. or $9.60

Hay Savings/Winter       $384.00
(40 Bales x $8.00)
Hay Savings/Feeder/5 Yr. Warranty     $1,920.00
($320.00 x 5 Yrs.)

The Results are In!
A recent Oklahoma State research study confirms the extra hay savings of a Bextra West Bale feeder when compared to a Standard Ring feeder!